In the RSS file there is simply the data of the news of the site, such as the title, date of publication or description. The program that reads the RSS will be in charge of giving style or appearance to the data included in the file and presenting them in an attractive way to the user and easy to read.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, an XML format for syndicating or sharing content on the web. It is used to disseminate frequently updated information to users who have subscribed to the content source. The format allows content to be distributed without the need for a browser, using software designed to read these RSS feeds such as Internet Explorer, among others (aggregator). Despite that, it is possible to use the same browser to view RSS content. The latest versions of the main browsers allow you to read RSS feeds without the need for additional software. RSS is part of the family of XML formats, developed specifically for all types of sites that are updated frequently and through which information can be shared and used on other websites or programs. This is known as web redefinition or web syndication (an incorrect translation, but very common use).

And that?
Well, by means of the news format that we offer you, you can be aware of the news of the store in real time by subscribing, for example, from an App like RSS Reader, or an email manager like Outlook, if not from your own browser.

It is simple and practical
You should only copy this link and import it into any of the applications mentioned. For example, in Outllok:

Once done, you will see all the products appear as messages as well as all the information related to them.

Simple right? Forget annoying emails.

And remember that our Android App integrates the RSS news reader that will let you know what's new every time you open the application.